“Art Of The Small” at Tejas Gallery

“ART OF THE SMALL” (Ref: Star Wars)

Art of the Small was a radical Jedi Force technique, wherein the Jedi, by narrowing their focus, could essentially shrink their presence to a microscopic size, using The Force to change things at a microscopic, molecular level.

A group of artists at Tejas have extracted the essence of this belief, that focusing on less and less can, in the end, change everything. A small effort, concentrated in the right place, can make an impact…..like little drops of water that fall in an ocean and make little or no impact, but steadily falling on a rock can eventually cause an avalanche.

The Art of the Small carries the message that even one person can make an impact. Keep your focus narrow, your efforts will be felt more fully. The trick is to find an area that will cause a tipping point.

Small format art is eminently affordable and collectible. When grouped, it can create a mood or tell a story – alone, it can be a brave statement.

TEJAS GALLERY presents “Art Of The Small” –  a unique exhibition of a group of artists painting on very small canvasses, each bringing his own unique perception and style to his work, using the medium of his choice. The canvasses range from 5″ x 5″ to 6″ x 8″, and each of the 22 artists has displayed his mastery over his style and medium in his set of paintings. There are approximately 100 paintings on display.

18 September 2010 – 27 November 2010  (12:30 – 7:30 daily except Sundays and public holidays)

Tejas Gallery
11 Mayfair Road
(Opp. Ice Skating Rink)
After Punjab Bhawan
Kolkata 700019.
Ph: 9830049825

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