Bassface: 24 April 2013

Roxy and Miller Highlife present BASSFACE: a night of bass heavy electronic music

The bass sound breaks into the club scene with a night dedicated to heavy Dubstep and bass music on Wednesday 24th April 2013 @ Roxy, The Park, Kolkata.
8:00 PM onwards.



ShadowBlink is a mixed media art project by Shailpik combining electronic music and visual graphics. Shadowblink is preparing a bass heavy set for Dubstep fanatics so expect some digital treats for the senses.


Roxy’s resident DJ Rudra bridges the gap between the club sounds of Kolkata and the future sound of bass. A multi-faceted performer Rudra has the ability to appeal to clubbers from all backgrounds. His support in pushing dubstep opens the door to a new kind of dancefloor.


Traditionally an oldschool chillout and psydub aficionado, Yidam pitches his sound into heavier frequencies with a set dedicated to this new era of laserbass, dub wobbles and glitchhop. Fresh from his gig at the Area 79 festival this set brings back the vibe that was felt at the Blue Frog.

Presented by Roxy, The Park, Kolkata & Miller Highlife
Produced by Littlei (
Event details and door policy: Roxanne : 033 40049000