Border Movement Lounge: 20 September 2014

Border Movement Lounge is a platform to showcase established and upcoming artists and producers from across South Asia. The lounge is an informal event format that hopes to foster a more open and interactive culture of electronic music performance, as well as a more well-rounded appreciation from the local music community.


Sunara is a DJ and painter and visual artist from Colombo, Sri Lanka. Well known on the local underground electronic, scene, Sunara is one of the few DJs in the country who has dared to break away from the relentless house and techno-oriented beats dished out by her peers and into groovier territories like glitch-hop, nu-Jazz, hip-hop, funk and electroswing. With her unique blend of funky and laid-back beats delivered with integrity and style, Sunara has made a name for herself as one of the most creative and entertaining DJs on the local circuit and across both genders.


HYBRID PROTOCOL, brainchild of Soumajit Ghosh & Aneesh Basu, resulted when the two amalgamated & shared their common passion of old school Electronic Music, Big Beat, Indian Classical Music, Synthesizers & Music Technology.

They portray Break/Big Beat Electronica & Psychedelic forms and provide a platform to collaborate and perform with a wide variety of musicians including Indian Classical Musicians.The music is an unique blend of Indian Ragaas fused with much of late 90s – early 2000 influenced distorted Old School like electronic sound designs.


Yidam is Varun Desai’s projection of electronic ambient and chillout music. Manipulating and producing sounds since the mid-nineties, Varun’s habit of digging for eclectic music and playing for spaces resulted in focusing on downtempo electronica and performing at alternative stages and unconventional venues. Gigging in the States resulted in the formation of ChillUmafia DJ collective with Damon & Robyo in 2005. The subsequent years were spent managing a record label (DBR), experimenting with sound-healing & organising events in NYC and Chicago. After performing at Burning Man in 2008, Varun moved back to Kolkata to start a net-label (, an event company ( and set up a production studio. Since 2009 his DJ sets and tracks have been heard in India, Nepal, Poland, Switzerland, Germany and Portugal. A background in electronics has also resulted in the use of analog synths, digital controllers and interactive video as part of collaboration projects with jazz musicians and live electronic acts.

Visuals by VJ PABLO

Pablo joined U.V. Studios, based in Delhi 2004; U.V. Studios showcased visuals in several shows, collaborated with various artists around the country and created customized mixed media for clients from 2000 till 2011. While on a two year hiatus from active visuals/gigs Pablo kept himself busy being involved in personal projects increasing his visual data bank. He then started working at the live performance venue, BlueFrog, Delhi as Chief Lights and Visual Programmer. In 2012 he played for NH7 Weekender in Bangalore, Delhi and Pune for the Black Rock stage, Dewarist stage and Wolves Den stages. Other than the above he has played with visuals for multidisciplinary shows/festivals/events including a show for Tiesto, Delhi @ SUNBURN in 2013. He has worked with No Jazz (France) – El Manos (France) – Goldspot (USA) – Nitin Sawhney (London) – Etienne Mbappe (France) – Raja Ram (USA) – Susheela Raman (London) and many more.




VENUE: BURDWAN PALACE (Vijay Manzil). 10 A Diamond Harbour Road (Alipore).