Earthdance Kolkata: 22 September 2012

Since 1997, Earthdance International, along with organizers of large and small events throughout the world, has coordinated the annual Global Festival for Peace. Each year thousands of people participate in hundreds of events and gatherings which benefit local charities supporting peace, sustainability and social justice.
The highlight of each event is our synchronized Prayer for Peace. All participants worldwide join together for one powerful, shared moment of coherent peaceful intention.

Earthdance Kolkata takes place for the first time as a 120 attendee event. Activities include an art workshop on 21st September, the main event on 22nd September and yearlong social and charity events with our partner organizations. Please register your name and email in the form at the bottom of the page to stay updated with our schedule and event locations.


VAEYA (Glitchy.Tonic/Occulta Records/Audio Aashram)

AUDIO PERVERT (Teddy Boy Kill)

BUBBLE GUNS (Mighty Quinn Records)

PARACONTROL (Liquid Frequency)

DEEP BROWN (Undefined Dimension)

SHADOWBLINK (Undefined Dimension)

YIDAM (chillUmafia / Liquid Frequency)