FOCAL feat. Reji: 9 September 2016

BLACK presents
FOCAL // Dusdozen Turns III

3 years have passed since we started Dusdozen. Our thanks go out to all the amazing performers, the clubs and management for supporting our events and the party crowd of Kolkata for sharing your energy on the floor.

We’re celebrating the big one on Friday, 9th September 2016 as a special edition of Focal @ Black Lounge.

Come celebrate with us as we feature for the first time in Kolkata…
Reji // Mumbai //
[Eclectic Funk/House/Techno/Breaks]

Friday 9th September 2016 from 10pm – 2am



Reji Ravindran (a.k.a rayG) has a musical experience which has spanned for more than a decade now. During this span he has won many key DJ championships/titles like being the DMC Champion of Pune (2000), the War of the DJs winner from Mumbai (2007) & Kingfisher Ultra DJ (2010). Besides DJing, he has also trained more than 500 men & women (local and international) in some of the most respected DJing institutes/schools in Mumbai. In 2008, world renowned travel magazine, Time Out Mumbai, mentioned Reji as “one of the most influential DJs in the city”. In his spare time these days, he works with Air Snare Records, promoting talented Indian & international producers in the electronic dance music scenario.

rayG is another project (read alter ego) of Reji. Contrary to his reputation of playing cutting edge electronic dance music all over India, he does a full 360 degree flip musically (irrespective to tempos, genres & styles) behind the decks under the rayG moniker. rayG is notoriously known for dishing out a whole different spectrum of music where he fuses his turntablism skills with eclectic & cross-genre party beats + breaks. After smashing various dancefloors on land (& sea), in 2011 rayG earned the Resident DJ title at Bonobo (Mumbai).

Produced by: Littlei / culturing imagination /

Promoted by: Duzdozen / promoting deeper shades of house and techno/