Friday Night Live with Teddy Boy Kill: 18 June 2010

Friday Night Live with Teddy Boy Kill

18 June 2010 @ The Big Ben, Kenilworth Hotel, Kolkata

9:00 pm – 12:00 am

Stay with the beat & melody ! ♥Teddy Boy Kill™ Voice, guitar, synthbass, virtual devices, loop efx, drum machine & powerbook combination.

★SYNTHROCK, TECHNOHEAD, BASS DEFINITIVE, LYRICAL & CHEMICAL Teddy Boy Kill ★[ TOYMOB and AUDIOPERVERT ] formed ♥TEDDY BOY KILL in 2008 . Rising out of the usual clutter and clam of electronic music in India, Teddy Boy Kill has forced itself to develop an edgey, distinctly solid sound and mood ! Beats/Bass/Synths/Atmospheres/Tales that create the hyper energized tone and imagery of Teddy Boy Kill ★ TECHNO VOCAL HUMAN SYNTONE ★