Monday Jazz Monday Blues: 17 January 2011


17 January 2011

@ SOMEPLACE ELSE, The Park, Kolkata

8:00 pm onwards



We are what our fingers are, it is our fingers that make us unique, and it is our fingers that turn music into pure magic. Fingers pull at the strings of the guitars, fingers make the skin of the pakhawaj vibe, fingers press the keys of the synthesizer; it’s the finger that makes music float in the air. That’s what we aim at Fingerprints, creating fusion out of Western contemporary and Indian classical genre to spellbind the audience. We work hard to take our music to a level where it touches every heart leaving an indelible impression in the minds of our audience. The music of Fingerprints is as unique and original as the impression of a fingerprint. And we make it a benchmark to make our each and every performance as unique and inimitable as our fingerprints are.

RISHABH DHAR on Percussions.

Born in Ustad Nasir Aminuddin Dagar’s house, he was playing whatever he could lay his hands upon. Be it tabla, or kitchenware since when he could barely walk. Today he is one of the best young pakhawaj players in his country who with ease lays his hands upon any rhythm instrument and creates magic.
A versatile Pakhawaj player, he has evolved an individual style of presentation and gained wide popularity with his innumerable performances worldwide. He is a regular feature in the national and international circuits and has performed in the world’s most prestigious venues from the South Bank to the Naitumba Island (Fiji Islands) etc.


PRADYUMNA SINGH MANOT a.k.a. PADDY started his life in music on the piano at the age of six. Since that time time he has been extensively studying Western Classical, Jazz and traditional Indian music. In Western Classical music he has given numerous solo recitals and ensemble performances including playing piano concertos with the a telier de Musique Or chestra and Mr. Abraham Mazumdar. He was a part of the Saturday Night Blues Band and performed with them for more than a year at the famous pub Someplace Else. In the world of jazz he is the co-founder of the Latin Jazz band LOS AMIGOS. He has a jazz quartet with Sumith Ramachandran. More recently he has been touring with the world famous tap dancer Jason Samuel Smith. He works with numerous dancers and composes music for them. He has performed with kathak dancer Pt. Chitresh Dasand also is collaborating on dance and music with modern contemporary dancer Leah Curtis from New York. Through his studies of Indian music and Jazz music he has given many concerts with musicians like grammy winner Pt. Viswa Mohan Bhatt, Ustad Sabir Khan, Pt. Vikku Vinayakram, Taufique Quereshi, Ustad Shujaat Khan, and Pt. Tarun Bhattacharya among others. He is currently collaborating with Ustad Raza Ali Khan on the deeper levels of fusion between western and eastern music. Healso taught piano and keyboards for five years at the Birla High School for Boys, Kolkata.

GOPAL DAS on Saxophone & Dhol

Son of Legendary Dhak Player Gokul Das. He has accompanied the likes of Ustad Zakir Hussain, Remember Shakti, Tanmoy Bose, Rishabh Dhar & Many more. He has shared the same stage with none other than Ustad Zakir Hussain, Ustad Taufiq Quereshi, John Mc Laughlin, Selva Ganesh,Shivamani & many other distinguished musicians from India & Abroad.
Featuring Guest


Steve (Z-man) Zerlin is a brilliant and versatile bassist, fluent in many styles. He is accomplished as a jazz musician on both electric and acoustic bass and is well versed in Eastern modalities having adapted the bass guitar to Indian music. He has toured India, Europe and extensively throughout the USA and performed with many top artists including Dennis Chambers, Carl Filipiak, Jack DeJohnette, Paul McCandless, Tom Canning, Paul Bollenback, Jeff Coffin, Terrence Disley, guitarist Vinny Valetino and pianist, Jessica Williams. He has also performed with pop artists, Kenny Loggins, The Coasters, The Drifters and The Platters and The Marvelettes.
Steve appears on many CD’s including recordings with Vinny Valentino, Dan Leonard, Fred Hughes, Peter Fraize and innovative Italian trombonist, Gian Carlo Schiafini. He was recently sited in Jazz Times Magazine (April 2004 edition) for his unique style and abilities.Steve released his own CD, Still Life, with Ed Sareth and some of Washington DC’s finest musicians, Dan Leonard, Bruce Guttridge, Peter Fraize and Victor Williams, and continues to compose music for Facing East. Over the past 20 years Steve has become well known in the DC area working with most of the area’s finest musicians; among them are Fred Pena, Sean Rickman, Marshall Keys, Keith Kilgo, Tim Eyerman’s East Coast Offering, The Fred Hughes Trio and The Peter Fraize Trio.


opening performance by:


Chandradip Goswami – Drums
Raj Banerjee – Percussions & congas
Mahul Chakraborty – Guitars
Debtanu Dey – Bass
Debabrata Das – keys

If there is an option to weave the whole Color of world precisely the all shades of the world in a thread which makes a canopy of Spectrum Bridge. Whether this spectrum bridge made of with the quotient of music, so how will be its figure!  This question certainly shakes out our mind.
Hi, we are “COLOR BRIDGE” and we have been keeping our effort and mind to make a colourful bridge with the quotient of music. Though we patronize Funk, however we ardently admire Indian Classical Music. Precisely there are various types of people around the world along with their different shades of mind. Thus we have made an honest effort to mingle different shades of people in a single string by our music.

STEVE GORN on Saxophone & Bamboo Flute

Mr Steve Gorn is an American. He started his musical career as a brass player. Then he performed with the eminent musicians around the world and got many appraisals amongst their musical fraternity. But most important true came into his life when he got interested in Indian Classical Music and it opened a new horizon in his life. He was then completely absorbed in Indian Classical Music based on Bamboo Flute which rushed him to India to some extent Kolkata followed by the time. In Kolkata he met with an amicable musical maestro Pt. Gaur Goswami. Then he started core Indian Classical Music in a heartiest way. Many years have been passed; his profound love & affection towards Indian Classical Music make him a milestone in the Indian Classical Music fraternity in all over world. He exquisitely mingle the Indian & western musical sentiment in his different compositions. He heralds our Indian culture through his music in the western world.


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Infolines :
033-40049000 (Someplace Else)
9748195596 (Murshed – Littlei)