Muzig – Arts for Change: 12 August 2011

Muziq – Arts for Change

Venue: Vidya Mandir (1 Moira St, Kolkata 17)
Date: 12th August 2011
Time: 5:00 PM

Ticket price : Rs. 120/-
Funds raised through ticket sales go to support the charity ‘ Kalyania’ (

For pass reservations contact:
Rohit : +91-9831 964 445
Farhan : +91-9432 588 633

About Muzig

Muzig celebrates musical fusion of diverse influences, ranging from traditional eastern, modern western and most importantly regionally inspired music showcasing local talents and flavors.

First edition of Muzig will be staged in Kolkata on 12th August 2011. This year’s event will showcase everything from upcoming fusion music band Sadho, to established international acts in Fingerprints and the local favorites Bolepur Bluez. Hélène Savoie, a choreographer & western/ ballet dance teacher in South City international school will add a new dimension to the cultural festival.

About Mannequins

Mannequins is a nonprofit organization comprising of young professionals and students from varied career disciplines with the common love of arts and philanthropy. Through our services and products, we promote young talent in the field of theatre, music, photography and arts, and by engaging their interests and skills in various social causes.

We also support other social enterprises through multiple partnership avenues and project collaborations. Few causes we have helped addressed in the past include child labor, unemployment, lack of primary education and right to information.

The Charity: Kalyania (

‘KALYANIA’ is a social welfare organization registered under West Bengal Act. XXVI of 1961 (Reg. No. S/9/544 of 1998-99). It is rendering voluntary services to the disadvantaged and underprivileged people back in India, targeting the surrounding economically challenged neighborhoods of Kalyani, Dist: Nadia, West Bengal and beyond.

Kalyania works towards three main social causes – Healthcare, education for downtrodden and service to senior citizens.

Kalyania’s Philosophy:

We are, in our beloved country, passing through very trying times, be it because of the reign of terror or political uncertainty and turmoil or the unbridled inflation and price rise that is making the poor and the hungry more so. In this rather bleak scenario, the job of the NGOs like Kalyania – to provide help to those who need help or assistance, be it in the realm of primary health care, primary education or as a palliative to the gerentologically advanced — has become enormously m o r e relevant. The Holy Prophet Mohammad said “A good deed is one that brings a smile of joy to the face of another.” We, through our various activities, are trying to do just that.





As unique as a fingerprint and as indelible, Fingerprints creates its own genre of sound

Using a unique ensemble of instruments and an equally diverse influence of music from across the world, Fingerprints has travelled across the globe playing their exotic music

Often described as a world music fusion ensemble, Fingerprints fuses – with much elan – the royal pakhwaj and the classical tabla, the dhak and dhol and African drums to Latino rhythms and then creates music based on Western Classical, Rock, Blues, Latin, Folk and Indian classical music

Helene Savoie

Hélène Savoie:

Helene is a choreographer & soloist performer. She is a Western and Ballet dance teacher in South City international school Master of Philosophy from Université Paris X-France,  Ex student from Ballet Academy ―Chaptal – Paris. Ex Half-red belt in Taekwondo (Martial Art from Korea), competitor formation.

Bolepur Bluez

Bolepur Bluez:

Bolepur Bluez re-create the ethnic traditional sound from the soil of West Bengal which is known as Baul. We are a group of four musicians who are on a tryst to take the traditional Bengali music to an international platform, where we are amalgamating Baul with Blues, which is also the age old traditional sound from the grass roots of the western countries.

Bolepur Bluez is the quarter-finalist of India‘s biggest Talent hunt – India‘s Got Talent, 2010, the format which started off in the heart of U.S.A as America‘s Got Talent.



Sadho started off as a purely experimental fusion band in September 2009 with only 4 members. A couple of performances at The Open Mic event at The Someplace Else pub ,The Park Hotel, Kolkata set the ball rolling, with the band being picked up by an event management company for the New Years Eve concert at the prestigious Narangi Club, Guwahati, Dec 2009-10. After having conducted several auditions, the band decided on the current line-up. With most of the members hailing from rural areas/outskirts of Kolkata, exposure and funds were limited. Then again, these factors have played a crucial role in shaping their unique sound. Earthy vocals, free flowing rhythms, use of indigenous folk instruments (khamak in the song ud jayega) and bucolic violin solos form a part of their compositions. Although each member has a heavy resume when it comes to experience in music performance, with many awards, certifications and recognitions between them, Sadho has not played too many concerts in the professional circuit. Barring few gigs at local Kolkata pubs, the band had headlined in 8th Mile- the Cultural fest of R.V. College of Engg., Bangalore(April 2010). With the dearth of competitions and events promoting fusion music the band is devoting its time primarily to composing for their niche audience. They are collaborating with prominent musicians in Kolkata for an upcoming charity event to be held in Kolkata in August.Even though their music has so far been confined to this genre, the members are voracious music listeners with influences ranging from Raghu Dixit Project and Indian Ocean to John Mayer and Kaki King. Very Indian, very ethnic and true to their roots, Sadho guarantees music in its purest form.