Splash Sunset Sessions V1 – 27 February 2011

Splash presents Sunset Sessions Volume 1


DJ Pradeep Maharana

One of Kolkata’s finest DJ exports returns to the city after several years of immersion in the Mumbai electronic circuit. Expect a selection of the freshest tech house, progressive trance and techno music skillfully weaved by one of the veterans of the club music scene… all set to slam the dancefloor well into the night.


dUb, Downtempo, Tribalizm. Yidam prepares a special movement as Kolkata watches the sunset and grooves into the dusk hours. This one promises to be a kaleidoscopic journey that explores the organic psychedelic soundscape.

UV Decor by Org Studios

Massive 20,000 Watt Sound Rig

After hours session by Maaya resident DJ Imran.

Produced by Littlei