Splash Sunset Sessions V2 – 27 March 2011

Splash presents Sunset Sessions Volume 2


DJ Nick (Shivlink Records)

NICK aka Manish Arora, is one of the few new age Indian musicians to have touched the epitome of EDM and are around to share the great vibes with their audiences. Performing across the globe, enthralling audiences the world over NICK has been an attraction at the FULL MOON FESTIVAL ( Germany ) , SOLSTICE FESTIVAL ( Amsterdam ) , XIBALBA FESTIVAL ( Poland ) , ECO EXISTENCE FESTIVAL ( Portugal ) , BOOM FESTIVAL ( Portugal ) and reputed festivals across India.


Sitatara spins her blend of mellow bass heavy electronica that move into minimal moods interspersed with techno and progressive trance.


dUb, Downtempo, Dubstep. Yidam prepares a soundtrack to the sunset and dusk hours.  Expect a mash-up of ethno dub, bass heavy dubstep and some driving downtempo grooves.

UV Decor by Org Studios

20,000 Watt Sound Rig

After hours session by Maaya resident DJ Imran.

Produced by Littlei


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