Subliminal Maps: 12 – 26 June 2011

TEJAS announces a solo show of twelve exclusive works

by artist Tanay Kr Paul.

Tejas Gallery, 11 Mayfair Road, Kolkata 700019. Ph:+91-9830049825.

From Saturday 12th June to 26th June, 12.30 to 7.30 daily except Sundays.


A recent graduate from the College of Visual Arts, Tanay Kumar Paul
has developed a unique process. The results are works that are both
visually stimulating and conceptually powerful.

Almost topographical on first glance, his works stimulate through
texture and surface. Attempting to show the process of change, Tanay’s
works evoke the immediacy of expressionism, yet are created via a
meticulous step-by-step technique of cutting, pasting and painting.

“All things are made up of layers or ‘stor’ – our lives, our bodies,
the earth, the atmosphere. There is no permanence or ‘sthirta’ in
anything, but this movement is not visible, so we live under the false
security of permanence.” So says the young artist.

Using natural phenomena as a common motif, he focuses on the tsunami
as a metaphor for the power of nature. He refers to the transience of
all things….. as creation and destruction are two sides of the same
coin. Nature works step by step, in layers, constantly changing. Using
his artistic intuition, he cuts and layers paper over which he applies
textures and colours, to depict this world of changing strata and to
present a universal truth.