Synthfarm: 30 September – 2 October 2016

Based on the need to emancipate the mysterious and often expensive knowledge of sound and related fields of synthesis: A three day interactive workshop for and by musicians who attempt to demystify the various building blocks of modular synthesis, digital audio workstations and further theoretical and practical aspects electronic sound.

Outside the existing standards of expensive (and often misleading) options of music technology education, this three day workshop and residency creates an ‘accessible and creative atmosphere amongst the experts and newbies alike. A lucid curriculum and an open platform to discuss and apply the various creative possibilities within electronic music.

A series of introductions and discussions about synthesis [analog/modular/digital ] + Ableton Live as a tool for composition, creative sound and live performance instrument. Based on a practical and operative attitude, attuned for tangible results, the workshop also dwells into the vast areas of psychological aspects of sound effecting our consciousness.

STUDIO # 1 // THE SCIENCE with Da Saz
STUDIO # 2 // THE JAM with 5volts
STUDIO # 3 // THE DAW with Sumith Suresh

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SYNTHFARM is a sound retreat / workshop to be held close to Dattapukur village, 90 minutes from Kolkata city. The idea of the workshop is to escape the distraction of urban life for 3 days to learn, collaborate and jam with electronic music instruments ranging from computers to analog modular rigs. To help with the learning process we’re limiting the attendance to 10 people with 3 instructors. There will be 3 studios set up on site with different goals in mind.

In addition to 12 hours of workshops spread over 3 days, other things to look forward to are eating chef prepared fresh organic produce grown on the farm, nightly barbecues and music listening sessions and open question and answer sessions to recap our lessons to ensure that you did not miss out on anything.

The cost of the workshop is Rs.6000/- which includes airport transfers from Kolkata airport or the city, accommodation at the farm and meals.

We encourage you to you bring your analog and digital synths. Computers are not a requirement for this workshop but you’re welcome to bring them too. Make sure you bring a notepad and pen for your lessons.

email or call +91 9830046963 for more info and registration