The World Music Day Festival: 21 June 2017

The World Music Day Festival

Wednesday 21st June 2017

At The Gateway Hotel
EM Bypass, Kolkata
5:00PM onwards till after midnight

The World Music Day Festival 2017 will feature the following bands playing a multitude of genres:

What Escapes Me (Genre – Progressive)
Underground Authority (Genre – Rap/Rock)
Soumalya Sareswari (Genre – Hindustani Classical)
Motif Of A Cube (Genre – Gypsy Jazz / Experimental)
The Jazz Trio (Genre – Jazz)
Kabir ‘N’ Shiba (Genre – Fusion)
Sufism (Genre – Sufi)
Paloma and Adil (Genre – Elecro-Pop)
Rivu & Nischay (Genre – Acoustic Pop)
The Folk Foundation (Genre – Folk)
Mohiner Ghoragulir Sompadito Gaan (Genre – Bangla Rock)
The Ritornellos (Genre – Acoustic Rock)
The Elektro Raga Collective (Genre – Electronica)
Lim & The Hellhounds (Genre – Blues Rock)
Also featuring special guest musicians.

Free entry for those 18 years and above.
Special 1-1 offer on all alcoholic beverages. 

Terms and conditions apply.
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About World Music Day

Fête de la Musique , also known as World Music Day is an annual music celebration taking place on 21 June.

The concept of an all-day musical celebration on the days of the solstice, originated in France in 1982. The festival is now celebrated in 120 countries around the world with Kolkata’s biggest crowds visiting The Gateway Hotel every year for 6 hours and more of live music.
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