U-Recken (Israel): 6 October 2010

U-Recken (Israel) at Tantra, Kolkata.

8:00 PM on Wednesday 06 October 2010.

Decor by Org (http://orgonline.org/)

Visuals by Mandrake & Yidam

After stomping in festivals all over the world U-RECKEN finally comes to KOLKATA…

A dedicated artist ‘U-Recken’ has managed through the years to capture the essence of music with structures, stories and melodies that has touched thousands of ppl among us.. Yaniv Ben-Ari was born in 1978 in Haifa, Israel and made his first steps into the world of music in his early teenage life as guitarist and vocalist in two successful Israeli bands.. In 1998 he started djing, which finally turned him to produce is own music.. It began with his debut album “Aquatic Serenade” (April 2006) The album was sold out after only a few months!. In April 2008, Yaniv released his second studio album “Deeper Into Man” and established himself as one of the leading artists from Israel.

Prepare for a musical voyage, carrying you with rhythmic stability and refreshing percussive sounds, woven with challenging psychedelic harmonies!


SPECIAL OPENING SET :: Contra Frequency

Infoline: Rajnish (Tantra) @40049000.