Violin Brothers – Live in Concert: 4 & 5 June 2011



Violin Brothers


Saturday, June 04, 2011 at Vidya Mandir, 1 Moira Street, Kolkata – 7:30 pm

Sunday, June 05, 2011 at Calcutta School of Music, 6B Sunny Park, Kolkata – 7:30 pm




Born in a family of Classical musicians in Kolkata, the Violin Brothers, Debsankar and Jyotisankar were initiated to the majestically melodious realm of western classical music at a very tender age. In early childhood they began to take violin lessons from Mihir Gupta, a competent teacher of violin. A congenially musical atmosphere at home coupled with exceptional talent provided the boys with all the necessary tools to grow up into promising musicians. A solid and rigorous technical training under an expert teacher, a strong emotional attachment to the world of music and a technically sound and intellectually profound understanding of the melodic subtleties of western classical music provided them with the very foundation from which they launched their successful careers as professional musicians. An early baptism in the world of music helped Debsankar and Jyotisankar to set in motion their careers as professional musicians as early as in their late teens. They had the good fortune to work under the excellent guidance of such music maestros as Pandit Ravi Shankar and Ustad Amjad Ali Khan. They also enjoyed a successful and long stint playing background music in the last ten films of Satyajit Ray, the internationally-renowned film director. Showing remarkable musical talent they earned their Diploma L.T.C.L (Licentiate, Trinity College of Music, London) in 1987. The two promising and prospering musicians also had the privilege of playing for Zubin Mehta, the virtuoso conductor of New York Philharmonic Orchestra, and won accolades and impressive recommendations (“gifted musicians”) from the celebrated conductor. Although Debsankar and Jyotisankar had their initial training in western classical music, they did not remain alien to their traditional roots. With supremely sensitive musical minds, they were open to the sublime and profound beauties of the Indian classical music. An introduction to this genre came from their father, Nikhilesh Roy, a very talented musician and flute-player in his own right. Later the Violin Brothers came under the tutelage of the great Sarod exponent, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan and became his musical disciples. Ustadji’s brilliantly innovative guidance helped the young musicians to enunciate the entire gamut of emotions and musical patterns with their strings and create music that is captivating in its richness and subtle in its creative sensitiveness. Debsankar and Jyotisankar have made their names in such different genres of music, not only in classical music but as well in pop, jazz, world music etc. Experiencing music from the different corners of the earth, music that is teeming in its variety and sublimating in its mellifluousness, the Violin Brothers blossomed into creative talents in the thriving and innovative modern field of world music. The first album of their own compositions, entitled “VIOLIN BROTHERS”, was recorded in 2001 and marketed by Times Music, Mumbai. This initial success prompted the Violin Brothers to venture into still untraced musical territories. They arranged and played the “BANDISH SYMPHONY” composed by Ustad Amjad Ali Khan. Ustadji’s marvellously creative compositions and the Violin Brothers’ virtuoso performances combined splendidly to create a soul-stirring harmony that touched the heart-strings of all the appreciators of music sans frontière. The fine weaving of inspiring western harmony and the depth of Eastern melody that the album contains touched the musical sensibilities of the Indian and international connoisseurs of music. Violin Brothers have been performing music with their group, thrilling and captivating the hearts of the audience since 1998 both in India and abroad. As very talented and able musicians they have performed in some remarkable musical venues including the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, the Forum in Barcelona, different festivals in France, Belgium, Morocco and the Paleo festival in Switzerland. Today, the two outstanding violinists look forward to travel deeper into the realm of the still uncharted arenas of music.


Hosted by the Calcutta Classical Guitar Society

Produced by Littlei

Passes available at THE CALCUTTA SCHOOL OF MUSIC (6B Sunny Park, Kolkata 19)


08697844618(Apphia K – CCGS)
9748195596(Murshed – Littlei)