Bassface: 2 December 2012

Roxy presents BASSFACE: a night of heavy dubstep

The bass sound finally breaks into the club scene with a night dedicated to heavy dubstep this Sunday 2nd December 2012 @ Roxy, The Park, Kolkata.



Dubstep’s rising star, Mr. Doss’ sounds are defined by his raw basslines, grimy leads, floor-thumping drums, intelligent arrangements and multi-layered effects. Both producer and DJ, his tracks have been appreciated by veterans in the bass scene and have been getting radio airplay across Europe and the States.

Mr. Doss is bringing the bass down with an especially heavy set to introduce the global dubstep phenomenon to the clubbers of Kolkata. Expect a mash of the top40 hits and throbbing basslines. He’s promised a night this city will never forget.


Traditionally an oldschool chillout and psydub aficionado, Yidam pitches his sound into higher frequencies with a special set dedicated to this new era of laserbass, dub wobbles and glitchhop.


Roxy’s resident DJ Rudra bridges the gap between the club sounds of Kolkata and the future sound of bass. A multi-faceted performer Rudra has the ability to appeal to clubbers from all backgrounds. His support in pushing dubstep opens the door to a new kind of dancefloor.

Visuals by:


The hottest new VJ in city, Diego joins us from distant shores to bring fresh conceptual visuals onto the big screen. Being an animator his video production work mixes seamlessly with his VJ cuts in a technicolour treat for the senses.

Presented by Roxy, The Park, Kolkata
Produced & designed by Littlei (
Cat + Dog photos used with the permission of Carli Davidson (

Event details and door policy: Roxanne : 033 40049000