John McLaughlin in Kolkata

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The world famous jazz and fusion guitar player and producer John McLaughlin will be returning to Kolkata after 10 years to perform with his supergroup: 4th Dimension comprising multi-instrumentalist Gary Husband, bassist Étienne M’Bappé and drummer Ranjit Barot.

We’re honoured to be given the opportunity to host such a historical figure in the music scene in our city and are very excited to see him play the music from his new album ‘Black Light’ which sees him return to the energetic onstage performance style of the Mahavishnu Orchestra days. In his words he adds, “‘Black Light’ has opened a portal that is neither Jazz nor Rock, nor Indian nor Blues, and yet all of these: it’s an open door.”

The concert is scheduled for 3rd November 2015 at The Dalhousie Institute. Tickets are available at

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